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kahi de ne prem che gujarati movie

Kahi De Ne Prem Chhe is an upcoming Gujarati romantic drama film directed by Nishith Brahmbhatt and produced by Krishnadev Yagnik. The film stars Smit Pandya and Yukti Randeria in lead roles. With its interesting storyline, great music, and powerful performances, Kahi De Ne Prem Chhe is one of the most awaited Gujarati films of 2023. desire-movies is trusted place for Gujrati cinema news update.


Kahi De Ne Prem Chhe revolves around Anjali, a bubbly small-town girl who falls in love with Aditya, a serious and reserved man. Anjali is a die-hard romantic who believes in the power of love while Aditya is a realist who doesn’t believe in love.

Despite their contrasting personalities, Anjali is determine to make Aditya believe in love. She tries every trick in the book – from cute gestures to grand romantic gestures – to melt Aditya’s heart but fails each time.

Just when Anjali is about to give up, she is diagnose with a heart condition. Instead of opting for treatment, Anjali decides to spend her remaining time doing what she loves – trying to make Aditya fall in love! This unexpected turn of events brings the two closer but also creates misunderstandings.

Will Anjali finally make the serious Aditya believe in love? Will Aditya have a change of heart? Kahi De Ne Prem Chhe promises to be an emotional yet feel-good romantic drama with a beautiful message.

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Cast and Crew

Kahi De Ne Prem Chhe stars some of the finest actors from Gujarati cinema:

Movie Details
Movie NameKahi De Ne Prem Chhe
Release Date22 September 2023
DirectorNishith Brahmbhatt
WriterNishith Brahmbhatt
CastCharacter Name
Smit PandyaAditya
Yukti RanderiaAnjali
Vishal SolankiAnjali’s father

Smit Pandya, known for his subtle and nuanced performances, takes on the role of the reserved Aditya. Yukti Randeria, famous for her excellent comic timing, brings the character of the chirpy Anjali alive on screen. Their fresh on-screen chemistry promises to be a highlight of the film.

Veteran actor Vishal Solanki plays Anjali’s supportive father. Nishith Brahmbhatt dons the director’s hat for this romantic drama after making a mark with his directorial debut Wrong Side Raju.

Visual Spectacle

Kahi De Ne Prem Chhe is shot extensively across gorgeous locales of Gujarat. From the heritage sites to the beaches, the trailer and songs promise stunning visuals that are both aesthetically pleasing and subtly blend with the storytelling.

The film’s colour palette seems to be vibrant, in sync with Anjali’s lively nature. From Anjali’s quirky wardrobe to the festive celebrations shown in the film, everything reflects the regional flavours of Gujarat.

Soulful Music

Music has always been the soul of Indian cinema and Kahi De Ne Prem Chhe’s album aims to strike a chord with the audience. The film brings together some of Gujarati cinema’s finest musical talents.

The tracks range from the irrepressibly catchy “Prem Na Thaye” to the melodious “Saathiaa” to the philosophical “Shu Thayu.” The lyrics of the songs help take the story forward and provide insights into the minds of the leads.

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Renowned singer Jignesh Barot has lent his voice to the songs along with a team of talented singers. The songs successfully capture the essence of traditional folk music as well as contemporary tunes.

Release Date and Hype

Kahi De Ne Prem Chhe is release in theatres on 22nd September 2023. Ever since the launch of the trailer and music album, the film has generated a positive buzz.

The promising cast and crew, easy chemistry between the leads, and the emotional storyline have increased anticipation for its release. The film’s distribution rights have been acquired by Phars Film for a good price.

Given the current lack of content-driven films in Gujarati cinema, Kahi De Ne Prem Chhe has a high chance of appealing to the masses. The buzz is that it has the potential to be a sleeper hit at the box office.

What Makes Kahi De Ne Prem Chhe Stand Out

  • Unique and fresh storyline unlike stereotypical romantic plots
  • Powerful lead pair with effortless chemistry
  • Stunning visuals showcasing Gujarat’s locales
  • Soulful music album with melodious tracks
  • Relatable, rooted characters despite the drama
  • Nuanced, thoughtful writing and character development
  • Likely to resonate with both the classes and masses

Highlights Audiences Can Look Forward To

  • Smit Pandya and Yukti Randeria’s chemistry as the eccentric heroine tries to melt the stone-hearted hero
  • The pranks and tricks Anjali pulls off to make Aditya fall for her
  • Dramatic scenario where Anjali gets to know about her heart condition
  • Emotional moments between Anjali and her father
  • Visual spectacles like Garba dances, celebrations, beaches and heritage sites of Gujarat
  • Soulful music tracks picturised on the lead pair
  • Lighthearted comedy as well as hard-hitting emotional scenes
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What Makes Kahi De Ne Prem Chhe Special

At its core, Kahi De Ne Prem Chhe is a simple story about love and relationships. Yet, there are several elements that make this film special:

  • Unconventional heroine – Anjali’s character subverts norms about how heroines are portraye
  • Realistic storytelling – No unnecessary drama, characters are relatable
  • Powerful and unconventional climax – Sensitive handling of Anjali’s health condition
  • Local flavours of Gujarat well-incorporated through costumes, music, visuals
  • Chemistry between Smit and Yukti and their approach to respective characters
  • Nishith Brahmbhatt’s vision as director to tell this story with nuance
  • Melodious music album with lyrics used smartly to take story forward
  • Promising combination of content and entertainment, emotions and humour

Additional Details About The Film

  • Kahi De Ne Prem Chhe is Nishith Brahmbhatt’s second directorial venture after Wrong Side Raju
  • The story and screenplay has been written by Nishith himself.
  • The dialogues have been penne by Paresh Vyas.
  • Director of Photography is Praveen Pravah while the editing is done by Bhargav Dhandhalya.
  • Costumes for lead pair have been designed by Varija Bhavsar to suit their characterizations.
  • Jignesh Barot has given music along with composing duo Sach-Sanket.
  • Prime Focus has worked on the film’s post-production.


With its fresh cast, non-stereotypical characters, soul-stirring music, and emphasis on storytelling, Kahi De Ne Prem Chhe has the potential to become a turning point for Gujarati cinema. It remains to be seen whether it manages to leave a lasting impact but the expectations are high.

Backed by strong production values and talented artists, the film seems to be an entertaining package for audiences this September. Kahi De Ne Prem Chhe combines great content with commercial elements – exactly what Gujarati industry needs. Here’s hoping it paves the path for more such cinema!