Trisha On The Rocks


Trisha On The Rocks movie emerges as a refreshing addition, blending romance with comedy in a delightful narrative crafted by director Krishnadev Yagnik. This film, starring Janki Bodiwala as Trisha and Ravi Gohil as Vishal, promises an engaging ride through their contrasting lives and unexpected love story.

Plot: A Fusion of Fun and Romance

Trisha On The Rocks spins its tale around Trisha, a spirited young woman portrayed by Janki Bodiwala, who crosses paths with Vishal (Ravi Gohil) during a serendipitous encounter at a party. Despite their differing backgrounds and lifestyles, their meeting sparks off a series of amusing and endearing escapades, painting a picture of young love amidst comedic chaos.


Cast: Vibrant Performances

Janki Bodiwala shines as Trisha, effortlessly bringing her character’s vivacious personality to life. Her chemistry with Ravi Gohil’s Vishal adds layers of charm to the narrative, supported by the seasoned presence of Hiten Kumar as Trisha’s father, enriching the film with his veteran acting prowess.

Production: Capturing the Essence of Ahmedabad

Filmed against the backdrop of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Trisha On The Rocks not only captures the essence of the city but also marks Krishnadev Yagnik’s debut as a music director, infusing the film with a soundtrack that resonates with the local flavor.

Soundtrack: Melodies That Match the Mood

The soundtrack, composed by Krishnadev Yagnik, features soulful tracks like “Monarita” by Binny Sharma and the melodious “Lai Ja” and “Thehre Ye Lamhe” sung by Aishwarya Majumdar. These songs not only complement the narrative but also enhance the emotional appeal of the film, making it a musical journey worth experiencing.

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Release and Reception: Anticipation and Acclaim

The teaser, released on 9th May 2024, set the stage for excitement, followed by the release of the enchanting “Monarita” song on 20th May 2024, sung by Binny Sharma. Aishwarya Majumdar’s rendition of “Lai Ja” on 27th May 2024, along with the Hindi version “Thehre Ye Lamhe,” further amplified the anticipation and garnered positive reviews from audiences.

Conclusion: A Heartwarming Blend of Laughter and Love

Trisha On The Rocks stands out as a heartwarming Gujarati romantic comedy that not only entertains but also resonates with its audience through its relatable characters and lively storytelling. With its engaging plot, vibrant performances, and soulful music, the film proves to be a delightful addition to the genre, promising an enjoyable cinematic experience for all.

This review captures the essence of “Trisha On The Rocks,” highlighting its strengths in storytelling, performance, and music, making it a must-watch for fans of romantic comedies and Gujarati cinema alike.