Laya Baki Gujarati Comedy Film

laya baki gujarati movie

Laya Baki is an upcoming Gujarati comedy film directed by Hirav Trivedi. With a stellar cast featuring Anurag Prapanna, Ragi Jani, Jay Pandya and others, Laya Baki promises to be a rib-tickling entertainer. Slated for a September 2023 release, the film revolves around a big misunderstanding in an office setting.


Laya Baki is set in the new office of Papaji’s Pizza. The story follows Anurag’s character who is the new manager hired to run operations. On his first day at work, Anurag ends up unintentionally insulting one of the employees, played by Ragi Jani.

This causes a big misunderstanding and leads to hilarious situations as the employees start disliking the new manager. Anurag struggles to handle the hostile employees who now try to make life difficult for him at every step.

Amidst all the chaos, Anurag finds an unlikely friend in Shivani Bhatt’s character. The story follows how Anurag tries to clear up the misunderstanding and win everyone’s affection in his own quirky way.

Cast and Crew

Laya Baki brings together a talented ensemble cast known for their comic timing and on-screen presence:

Movie Details
Movie NameLaya Baki
Release Date28 September 2023
DirectorHirav Trivedi
CastCharacter Name
Anurag PrapannaAnurag
Ragi JaniEmployee
Jay PandyaOwner
Firoz BhagatEmployee
Shivani BhattAnurag’s friend
Danesh GandhiEmployee

The cast is led by Anurag Prapanna and Ragi Jani who have previously worked in several Gujarati films. Director Hirav Trivedi has proven his mettle in comedy with films like Hu Tara Ishq Maa.

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Laugh Riot Visuals

Going by the trailer and songs, Laya Baki promises to be a visual treat for those who enjoy comedies. The costumes, props, and locations seem creatively used to elevate the comedy.

The office setting decorated with pizza boxes and banners provides the perfect backdrop for madness to ensue. From Anurag’s entry scene to the staff meeting – the situations and reactions promise laugh riots.

Even the choice of colours – from Anurag’s bright red uniform to Ragi’s pink shirt – adds quirk and conveys their personalities. The visuals and frames seem designed carefully to enhance the humorous moments.

Fun Soundtrack

In sync with the film’s comic genre, Laya Baki’s music album is peppy and quirky. The songs are situational numbers that take the story forward.

The tile track is an energetic dance number that establishes Anurag’s character. ‘Pizza Pizza’ introduces the office setting and characters in a fun way. The lyrics and composition of the songs are catchy, adding to the entertainment quotient.

Singers like Parth Bharat Thakkar, Saujanya Acharya and Devarshi Shah have lent their voices to the album. The songs ranging from remixes to rap seem perfectly tailored for a comedy caper like Laya Baki.

Release Date and Buzz

Laya Baki is slated for release on 28th September 2023, just before the festive period begins. The makers are targeting families and youth who enjoy clean comedies.

The cast and crew have been promoting the film extensively across Gujarat through college visits, media interactions and city tours. The response to the trailer and songs has been positive so far.

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Moreover, Gujarati comedy as a genre has a loyal audience base. The buzz is that Laya Baki will attract those looking for some genuine laughs and entertainment.

What Makes Laya Baki Stand Out

  • Hilarious yet clean comedy suitable for families
  • Relatable office humor and situations
  • Stellar cast with proven track record in comedy
  • Quirky characterizations and costumes
  • Peppy situational songs that complement the story
  • Smart use of props, editing, framing to elevate humor
  • Does not rely on offensive or slapstick comedy

Things to Look Forward To

  • Anurag Prapanna and Ragi Jani’s rivalry and banter
  • The over-the-top introduction scene of Anurag’s character
  • Creative use of office settings for comic situations
  • Supporting cast adding to the chaos and confusion
  • The staff planning retribution on the new manager
  • Anurag’s struggle to impress the employees
  • Fun dance numbers picturised innovatively

What Makes Laya Baki Special

  • A situational comedy tailored for family audiences
  • Director Hirav Trivedi’s experience and grasp over the genre
  • The cast’s understanding of comedic timing and delivery
  • Writing that derives humour through real, relatable scenarios
  • Clean, family friendly humour without crossing lines
  • Music that complements the film’s theme and situations
  • Universal office humour almost anyone can relate to
  • Promises an entertainer for the festive season

Additional Details

  • Laya Baki is produced by Ravi Jadawat under the banner of A Tree Entertainment
  • Writers are Hirav Trivedi, Vipul Rathod and Rahil Panchal
  • Cinematography is by Sanjay Pattani while editing is done by Bhargav Dhandhalya
  • Art director is Ketan Mane and costume designer is Varija Bhavsar
  • Executive producer is Subhash Jadhav
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Laya Baki has all the elements – cast, crew, music and promotions – required for a successful comedy. With the festive period around the corner, it could turn out to be a wholesome entertainer that appeals to families. While the genre can be tricky, Laya Baki seems to have got the balance of humour and sensibilities right. If executed well, it could emerge as a hit and reinforce Gujarati cinema’s reputation for good comedy. visit Desire movies for upcoming Gujarati movie review.