Sasu Maa Movie: Emotional Gujarati Drama Film that Tugs at Heartstrings

Sasu Maa movie

Sasu Maa is Gujarati family drama that explores the beautiful bond between a daughter-in-law and mother-in-law. The story follows Niti, an ambitious young woman who dreams of making it big in life. However, her aspirations take a backseat as her family focuses on getting her married. Desiremovies is top movie news platforms.


Post marriage, the narrative focuses on Niti’s relationship with her mother-in-law. Despite their generational differences, the two develop an endearing bond. When Niti wants to pursue her dreams, will her sasu maa stand by her side and support her? Or will traditions and societal norms become obstacles?

With its progressive storyline highlighting women’s dreams, Sasu Maa promises to present a heartwarming tale of love, understanding and changing dynamics between two very different women.


Sasu Maa features a cast of renowned Gujarati actors:

Sonali Lele DesaiNiti
Kailash ShahdadpuriNiti’s mother-in-law
Muni JhaNiti’s father
Dolly ThakoreNiti’s mother

Sonali Lele Desai essays the role of Niti, the young ambitious bride. Veteran actress Kailash Shahdadpuri portrays the titular sasu maa. Muni Jha and Dolly Thakore play Niti’s supportive parents. Their performances will lend depth to the narrative.


Sasu Maa is directed by Manav Sakaria who makes his directorial debut with this film. Manav has extensive experience as an assistant director in Hindi films like Mission Mangal and Simmba.

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Given the progressive film’s theme, a new directorial voice like Manav seems an apt choice. His fresh perspective could elevate the emotional storytelling.


From the promotional content, it is evident Sasu Maa will feature bright visuals that capture the essence of traditional Indian households.

The indoor scenes have a warm nostalgic mood while also keeping the framing intimate and modern. The camerawork seamlessly balances the age-old setting with the story’s forward-looking narrative.

The Gujarati ethos comes alive beautifully in the authentic costumes, props and locations. Overall, the visuals promise to complement the blend of tradition and progress in the storytelling.

Release Date

After wrapping up production last year, Sasu Maa is gearing up for theatrical release on August 4, 2023.

The release timing during the festive period of Rakshabandhan seems strategically chosen for a family drama of this nature. The makers will be hoping the auspicious occasion will give the film a healthy box office run.


The trailer and songs have generated positive buzz for Sasu Maa, especially among Gujarati audiences.

Viewers are looking forward to seeing veteran actress Kailash Shahdadpuri return to the screen after many years in a titular role. Sonali Lele Desai’s performance has also garnered attention.

Moreover, the plot exploring a young woman following her dreams has resonated with fans. Many are intrigued by the film’s focus on the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship.

Overall, Sasu Maa has seen steady growth in hype as marketing momentum builds up for its release.

What Makes Sasu Maa Stand Out

Here are some key aspects that make Sasu Maa a unique and promising prospect:

  • The non-stereotypical portrayal of the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law dynamic.
  • Storyline highlighting a woman’s aspirations beyond marriage, a refreshing theme.
  • Kailash Shahdadpuri’s return to acting after a long hiatus.
  • Sonali Lele Desai playing the lead, a departure from her comic roles.
  • Manav Sakaria’s new directorial voice bringing a modern perspective.
  • Relatable premise of intergenerational relationships within families.
  • Likely to appeal to both young and old audiences due to its progressive yet feel-good narrative.
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Things to Look Forward to

Here are some key elements viewers can look forward to in Sasu Maa:

  • The bond between the two female protagonists as their relationship evolves
  • Sonali Lele Desai portraying the lead role with maturity
  • Kailash Shahdadpuri’s graceful screen presence as the wise mother-in-law
  • Supporting acts by veterans Muni Jha and Dolly Thakore
  • Manav Sakaria’s fresh direction translating the vision sensitively
  • Storyline highlighting universal emotions within families
  • Humorous and heartwarming moments between the two women

What Makes Sasu Maa Special

Some key aspects that make Sasu Maa a special viewing experience:

  • Progressive storyline showing women beyond wife and mother roles
  • Nuanced performances, especially the two female leads
  • Balanced portrayal of the younger protagonist’s aspirations along with respect for elder
  • Manav Sakaria’s ingenious direction in modulating emotions
  • Relatable family situations that many viewers will identify with
  • Storytelling that blends humor, warmth and depth with ease
  • The lyrical quality in depicting the evolution of a beautiful relationship
  • Promotes virtues of mutual understanding across generations
  • Success in creating a feel-good narrative that entertains yet leaves an impact

Additional Details

  • Sasu Maa is produced by Cinekorn Entertainment, a popular production house in Gujarati films
  • The story and screenplay has been jointly written by Manav Sakaria, Hemal Joshi and Keshav Rathod
  • This movie marks Manav Sakaria’s first time collaboration with both lead actresses
  • Director of Photography Pranay Patel is known for Gujarati hits like Bey Yaar and GujjuBhai
  • The film has been exclusively shot across locations in Gujarat like Rajkot, Baroda, Ahmedabad.
  • Music has been composed by Tarosh Shandilya who has worked on Marakkar and Major.
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With its stellar cast, promising storyline highlighting progressive women’s aspirations and feel-good emotional quotient, Sasu Maa looks well poised to strike a chord with audiences.

Backed by veteran performances and a new directorial voice, the movie has the potential to emerge a critical and commercial success when it releases on 4th August, 2023. If the execution does justice to the premise, Sasu Maa could well become one of the most memorable Gujarati family dramas in recent times.


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