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3 Ekka is an upcoming Gujarati comedy film directed by Rajesh Sharma. The story revolves around three friends, played by Malhar Thakar, Yash Soni, and Mitra Gadhvi, who come up with a plan to convert an ordinary middle-class house into a secret gambling den. Desiremovies is publish treading Gujarati movie updates.


Faced with financial struggles, the three friends see the gambling den as a get-rich quick scheme. However, as soon as they open the den, chaos ensues as people with connections to the underworld and police start frequenting the place. This leads to a series of hilarious misadventures that the three friends must deal with while trying to keep their den a secret.

As mishaps start piling up, the question arises – will the friends succeed in their plan or will the whole thing come crashing down? The plot seems set up for a laugh riot as the three protagonists find themselves in increasingly precarious situations inside and outside the gambling den.


3 Ekka features a cast of popular Gujarati actors:

Malhar ThakarEkka 1
Yash SoniEkka 2
Mitra GadhviEkka 3
Chetan DhananiPolice Inspector
Dharmesh VyasUnderworld Don

Malhar Thakar, known for hit Gujarati films like Chhello Divas, plays the role of Ekka 1. Yash Soni, who made his mark with Chaal Jeevi Laiye, essays Ekka 2. Mitra Gadhvi, last seen in Affraa Taffri, portrays the third friend Ekka 3.

Veteran actors Chetan Dhanani and Dharmesh Vyas play pivotal roles as a corrupt police officer and local goon respectively. Their characters add to the chaos at the gambling den.


3 Ekka is directed by Rajesh Sharma, who makes his directorial debut with this film. Rajesh has extensive experience as an assistant director, having worked on Hindi films like Dil Dhadakne Do, Bajirao Mastani, Padmaavat and Simmba.

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Given his background, Rajesh seems well-equipped to handle the comic caper genre. Fans are keen to see his fresh directorial vision and ability to bring out humour through chaotic situations in 3 Ekka.


As evident from the posters and promotional videos, 3 Ekka has a bright, vibrant look that gels well with its comic plot.

The visuals manage to highlight the contrast between the simplicity of the protagonists’ middle-class household and the chaos that ensues when they convert it into a gambling den.

The cinematography plays with colors, especially at night, to depict the shady happenings and close shaves at the gambling venue. Rajesh Sharma’s directorial debut seems to promise visually enjoyable comedy.

Release Date

After wrapping up shooting in 2022, 3 Ekka is gearing up for theatrical release on August 25, 2023.

With no major Gujarati films slated for release around that time, 3 Ekka is likely to have a healthy run at the box office during which it can draw Gujarati movie buffs to cinemas. The makers seem to have chosen the release date smartly to make optimal impact.


The official trailer and songs of 3 Ekka have generated good buzz, especially among Gujarati audiences.

Viewers are looking forward to seeing the lead trio of Malhar Thakar, Yash Soni and Mitra Gadhvi play characters that generate situational comedy. Their previous work in comedies like Chhello Divas has created anticipation for 3 Ekka.

The movie’s core premise of friends turning their home into a secret gambling den but landing in trouble has an inherent comical appeal that has piqued interest.

Rajesh Sharma’s directorial skills will also be under scrutiny. Overall, 3 Ekka has managed to create decent hype, especially among Gujarati crowds.

What Makes 3 Ekka Stand Out

Here are some key factors that make 3 Ekka a unique comedy movie experience:

  • The high comedy quotient thanks to the chaotic situations inside the gambling den. The scenes play out almost like a circus with things going haywire.
  • The lead cast – Malhar Thakar, Yash Soni and Mitra Gadhvi are proven actors in the comedy genre. Their camaraderie and comic timing seems like a winner.
  • The movie doesn’t resort to slapstick buffoonery. The humour is situational arising from the story and performances.
  • The supporting cast comprising veteran actors like Chetan Dhanani and Dharmesh Vyas add credibility and laughter.
  • Though adapted from a Marathi film, the premise has a universal appeal. The narrative style gives it a local Gujarati flavour.
  • The directorial debut of Rajesh Sharma who seems to have a grip on the chaotic proceedings through his sound technical skills.
  • The vibrant cinematography and editing that maintains a fast pace suiting the plot about an illegal gambling club.
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Things to Look Forward to in 3 Ekka

Here are some of the promising elements in 3 Ekka that viewers can look forward to:

  • Laugh-out-loud situational comedy: The trailers promise a laugh riot as the protagonists’ simple gambling den plan goes horribly wrong in hilarious ways.
  • The lead cast’s comedic chemistry: Malhar Thakar, Yash Soni and Mitra Gadhvi share great rapport which translates into comedy on screen.
  • Supporting actors’ antics: Veterans like Chetan Dhanani and Dharmesh Vyas will provide additional laughs with their eccentric characters.
  • Rajesh Sharma’s directorial skills: His ability to handle the chaotic narrative will be evident as events go haywire.
  • Fast-paced editing and music: The trailer hints at slick editing by Santosh Mule and pulsating music by Mikael that enhance the comedy.
  • Relatable middle-class characters: Though in an illegal business, the protagonists seem like the common man next door trying to make ends meet.
  • Visual gags and wisecracks: With a veteran comedy writer in Parth Trivedi, the dialogues, puns and visual humour promise laughter.

What Makes 3 Ekka Special

Here are some key strengths that make 3 Ekka an entertainingly special movie:

  • The universal and relatable premise of three friends taking a huge risk for a big reward but getting more than they bargained for.
  • The convincing casting as Malhar Thakar, Yash Soni and Mitra Gadhvi fit their roles to a T and share great chemistry.
  • Rajesh Sharma’s directorial debut displaying his comic timing through chaotic proceedings on screen.
  • The situational humour arising from the story, dialogues and visual gags rather than superficial slapstick buffoonery.
  • The colourful cinematography, music and editing that keep the narrative fast-paced and visually appealing.
  • The way the world of the gambling den has been flesh out with interesting supporting characters who add to the madness.
  • The balance between darker and light-hearted elements as the friends’ harmless plan goes downhill with sinister consequences.
  • The universally appealing storytelling that subtly weaves in socio-economic struggles of the middle class in a comic narrative.
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Additional Details

  • 3 Ekka is the official Gujarati remake of the 2016 Marathi comedy film 3 Ekka Chaavadi.
  • Besides direction, Rajesh Sharma has also handled screenplay and dialogues for the film.
  • Parth Trivedi, the writer of 3 Ekka’s story and dialogues, has worked on hit comedies like Golkeri and Chaal Jeevi Laiye.
  • The film’s title and characters are named after a type of shared auto-rickshaw carrying 3 passengers popularly called ‘3 Ekka’ in Gujarat.
  • Principal photography commenced in December 2021 and was completed by February 2022, with filming majorly happening in Ahmedabad.
  • The music album featuring songs like ‘Radha Ne Shyam Maro Shaam’ has been composed by Mikael with lyrics penned by Niren Bhatt.
  • Made on a modest budget, the movie will be released in Gujarat, other parts of India, and worldwide with English subtitles.


With its quirky premise, seasoned cast, crew and situational humour, 3 Ekka promises to deliver a complete laugh riot for Gujarati cinemagoers.

Backed by Rajesh Sharma’s directorial skills and the lead actors’ proven comic timing, the film has the potential to emerge as a wholesome entertainer if the chaotic narrative comes together seamlessly.

The effective trailer and music have already generated anticipation. The movie could turn out to be the next big Gujarati comedy hit when it releases on 25th August 2023. It remains to be seen if the 3 Ekka succeed in their hilarious gamble.


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