Bombay Movie (2023)


Bombay is an upcoming Hindi crime thriller that promises an action-packed cinematic experience. Helmed by acclaimed director Sanjay Niranjan, the movie features an ensemble cast including Gavie Chahal, Deepshikha Nagpal, Danish Bhatt and others. Desiremovies is only place where you can find detailed review of movie.


Set in contemporary Mumbai, the film explores the dark underbelly of crime and corruption plaguing the bustling metropolis. The story is expecte to follow the power dynamics and moral dilemmas face by characters caught in the quagmire of the Mumbai mafia.

With its gritty plot full of twists and turns, Bombay aims to provide an uncompromising look at organized crime’s deep roots in Mumbai. If the buzz is true, the narrative will keep audiences hooked with unexpected betrayals and explosive confrontations.


Bombay stars Punjabi action hero Gavie Chahal in the lead role, marking his first Hindi film as a protagonist.

Veteran actress Deepshikha Nagpal essays a pivotal character, likely a strong female part keeping in with her repertoire.

Danish Bhatt has been cast as the main antagonist, implying powerful confrontations with Gavie’s character.

Other key cast members include Ganesh Yadav, Pari Mirza, Yashpal Sharma, and more. The mix of seasoned artists and fresh talent promises riveting performances.

Gavie ChahalProtagonist
Deepshikha NagpalKey Female Lead
Danish BhattMain Antagonist
Ganesh YadavSupporting Actor
Pari MirzaSupporting Actress


In the director’s seat is Sanjay Niranjan, widely regarded as one of Bollywood’s best filmmakers in the crime thriller genre. With cult classics like Gangster and Company under his belt, Niranjan is renowned for his raw, realistic storytelling exploring the dark underbelly of society.

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Given his stellar track record, fans are expecting Niranjan to deliver another hard-hitting film that does justice to the gritty genre. If he gets the drama, action and realism right, Bombay could become a career-defining movie for the ace director.


An important highlight of Bombay will be its use of Mumbai city as an atmospheric, evocative backdrop. Real locations like Chor Bazaar, Mumbai slums, seedy pubs and dark alleys are likely to feature prominently to enhance the mood and texture of the visual narrative.

The cinematography by Jitan Harmeet Singh seems poised to showcase the paradoxical soul of Mumbai in all its grimy, glamorous glory. The liberal use of night sequences will add to the neo-noir vibes.

Release Date

After some delays, Bombay finally has a release date locked for October 13, 2023. The pre-Diwali timing seems strategically chosen to target cinemagoers in the festive season.

With no major clashes around October, Bombay is expected to dominate screens as audiences seek fresh entertainment post the mid-year lull. The stage is set for the movie’s explosive theatrical run.


Ever since its announcement, Bombay has been building steady buzz, especially amongst fans of crime dramas. At a time when fresh ideas are scarce in Bollywood, the movie’s genre has aroused curiosity.

Moreover, Sanjay Niranjan’s brand value has led to immense expectations. Promotional clips are getting great traction on social media from genre enthusiasts. As release nears, the buzz is only going to amplify.

Early Reviews

While full reviews are awaited, early reactions to preview screenings have been overwhelmingly positive. Critics have praised the gritty plot, visual finesse and performances, especially Gavie Chahal’s intensity.

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Going by the initial praise, it seems Niranjan has delivered an engrossing ode to Mumbai’s criminal underbelly that keeps audiences hooked. The positive word-of-mouth has further spiked anticipation for Bombay.

What Makes Bombay (2023) Stand Out

  • Sanjay Niranjan’s expertise and realism in presenting the crime narrative
  • Gavie Chahal’s casting as protagonist adding mass appeal
  • Explosive confrontations between protagonist and Danish Bhatt’s antagonist
  • Use of Mumbai’s landscape to enhance the grimy mood and tone
  • Full of clever twists and turns as per early reviews
  • Stylish visual storytelling capturing Mumbai’s paradoxical soul

Things to Look Forward to

  • Niranjan’s return to his favorite genre after a gap
  • High-octane action sequences choreographed by Sham Kaushal
  • Gavie Chahal’s Hindi film debut in an intense action avatar
  • Deepshikha Nagpal in a powerful casting after long
  • Danish Bhatt’s negative act opposite Gavie Chahal
  • Realistic exploration of Mumbai’s mafia and corruption

What Makes Bombay (2023) Special

  • Niranjan’s expertise in realistic, hard-hitting crime dramas
  • Gripping story exploring moral dilemmas faced by characters
  • Stellar cast combining seasoned artists and fresh faces
  • Promising confrontations between protagonist and antagonist
  • Use of actual Mumbai locations to enhance visual storytelling
  • Combination of style and substance as per early reviews
  • Buzz around Gavie Chahal’s casting in a Hindi film

Additional Details

  • Bombay is produced by the banner Lucknowite Films, owned by Rahul Mittra and Girish Johar
  • This project marks Niranjan’s first collaboration with Gavie Chahal
  • Music is composed by Sandeep Shirodkar, known for songs in Gangster and Wazir
  • Principal photography took place across real locations in Mumbai
  • Film budget of approx 15 crores including print and advertising costs
  • Makers are targeting a wide release in Hindi across 1000+ screens pan-India
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With its talented team, atmospheric visuals and explosive crime narrative, Bombay has the ingredients to provide a gripping big-screen experience.

Early buzz indicates Sanjay Niranjan could deliver one of his best crime thrillers that depicts Mumbai’s gritty underbelly with flair. Backed by positive reviews, the movie seems set for a powerful box office run when it releases this Diwali.


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