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Hu ane Tu

Hu ane Tu is an upcoming Gujarati romantic comedy drama directed by Manan Sagar. The story follows two parallel love stories across generations. Desiremovies is one of the upcoming Gujarati Cinema Review Platform.


The first story focuses on middle-aged Umesh, who gets a second chance at love when he reconnects with Ketaki, his college crush who is now divorced. As they rekindle their romance, Umesh must deal with the generation gap as well as objections from Ketaki’s son.

The second story revolves around Umesh’s son Tejas, an engineer who falls in love with Reva, a bubbly blogger. Just when it seems they have found their soulmates, differences crop up.

As both father and son navigate the ups and downs of relationships, their stories intersect in humorous and emotional ways. The film promises a roller-coaster ride of love, misunderstandings, family drama and difficult choices against the backdrop of changing societal norms.


Hu ane Tu features popular Gujarati actors in pivotal roles:

Siddharth RanderiaUmesh
Sonali Lele DesaiKetaki
Puja JoshiReva
Yash SoniTejas
Vandana PathakUmesh’s mother

Veteran actor Siddharth Randeria essays the role of Umesh. Actress Sonali Lele Desai portrays his college love interest Ketaki. Puja Joshi and Yash Soni play the young couple Tejas and Reva. Vandana Pathak enacts the part of Umesh’s supportive mother.

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Hu ane Tu is helmed by director Manan Sagar who makes his directorial debut with this film. Manan has extensive experience assisting acclaimed directors like Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Vikramaditya Motwane.

Given Manan’s pedigree and the fact that he has also written the story and screenplay, the direction seems to be in safe hands and will complement the progressive romantic theme.


As evident from promotional content, Hu ane Tu features bright, inviting visuals that reflect the light-hearted romantic plot.

The younger portions have a fresh, youthful feel with vibrant college scenes. The middle-aged romance between Umesh and Ketaki also comes alive beautifully with warm, affectionate moments captured aesthetically.

The cinematography seamlessly balances old-world charm and modern optics. The visuals promise to be a treat for the eyes.

Release Date

After wrapping up production in 2022, Hu ane Tu is gearing up for theatrical release on September 15, 2023.

With no big clashes at the box office around that period, the film can attract quality crowds during its opening week. The release timing seems well-chosen to make the optimal initial impact.


Hu ane Tu has generated good pre-release buzz, especially among Gujarati audiences looking for wholesome family entertainers.

The unusual premise covering two parallel love stories across generations has aroused curiosity. Siddharth Randeria and Sonali Lele Desai reuniting after the hit TV show Maya Ne Maya Ho is also attracting attention.

The melodious music and appealing trailer have increased anticipation for the film. Moreover, the return of Manan Sagar, who assisted on blockbusters like Ram-Leela and Bajirao Mastani, has added to the hype.

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What Makes Hu ane Tu (2023) Stand Out

Here are some key aspects that make Hu ane Tu a unique movie proposition:

  • The progressive romantic theme showing two love stories simultaneously – one middle-aged and another young.
  • The accomplished cast like Siddharth Randeria and Sonali Lele Desai lending credibility to the mature romance portion.
  • Manan Sagar’s directorial finesse in presenting modern relationships with sensitivity and humour.
  • The screenplay’s success in weaving together both stories into an engaging, holistic narrative.
  • The youthful charm of Puja Joshi and Yash Soni’s performances that balance the experienced lead pair.
  • The music and visuals that complement the film’s emotional warmth and light-hearted comedy.
  • The insights it provides into how relationships and societal perspectives evolve across generations.

Things to Look Forward to in Hu ane Tu (2023)

Here are some promising elements that viewers can anticipate in Hu ane Tu:

  • Crackling on-screen chemistry between Siddharth Randeria and Sonali Lele Desai after a long gap
  • Manan Sagar’s directorial debut guided by his experience of assisting industry legends
  • Light-hearted situational comedy resulting from the two contrasting relationships
  • Melodious soundtrack featuring songs like ‘Hu Tari Haan’ and ‘Tu Roop Moto’
  • Puja Joshi and Yash Soni’s youthful act as an endearing young couple
  • Insightful writing exploring relationship complexities across generations
  • Picturesque visuals capturing the nostalgic college romance as well as present-day courtship
  • Powerful dialogues enriched by Vinod Saraiya’s writing.

What Makes Hu ane Tu (2023) Special

Some key strengths that make Hu ane Tu an entertainingly wholesome viewing experience:

  • The thought-provoking parallel narrative structure covering two love stories across generations
  • Siddharth and Sonali’s chemistry enlivening the middle-aged romance with warmth and humour
  • Manan Sagar’s skillful direction in balancing emotions and humour
  • The simplicity with which it explores the evolving definitions of relationships, marriage and family
  • Crackling dialogues by Vinod Saraiya conveying depth through everyday conversations
  • The complementarity between experienced actors like Siddharth and fresh faces like Puja, Yash
  • Sensitive and progressive portrayals of love, heartbreak and second chances
  • Significance of parents’ approval in children’s relationships depicted with subtlety
  • Captivating music and visuals that create an immersive experience
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Additional Details

  • Hu ane Tu is co-produced by renowned producer Rashmin Majithia along with Shraddha Pictures.
  • This is veteran actress Vandana Pathak’s first Gujarati film in a character role as Siddharth Randeria’s mother.
  • Director Manan Sagar has worked extensively with Sanjay Leela Bhansali as an assistant on three of his films.
  • Singer Osman Mir’s popular Gujarati song ‘Hu Tari Haan’ has been recreated in the film by Mikael Masoom.
  • Principal photography took place in Ahmedabad and locations in Gujarat over 40 days.
  • Hu ane Tu’s editors are Santosh Mule and Radhey Shyam, known for fast-paced editing in comedies.
  • The film will release in Gujarat and outside with subtitles. The makers are eyeing over 300 screens pan-India.


With its progressive storyline, accomplished cast, melodious music and feel-good vibe, Hu ane Tu has the makings of a wholesome family entertainer.

Backed by Manan Sagar’s craft and vision, the movie promises to entertain in equal measure as it makes some thoughtful observations on evolving relationships and generational differences.

If the trailer is anything to go by, the lead pair’s chemistry is sure to create magic again. With its September 15th release around the corner, Hu ane Tu looks poised to strike a chord with audiences looking for a sweet, chuckle-inducing romance.


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